We are a boutique Commercial Real Estate Investment Firm

Most importantly: we are honest, transparent and accountable – always.


Kenny and Martin concentrate on sourcing unique transactions through strong local alliances. They are adept at recognizing niche and diamond-in-the-rough investment opportunities that are often overlooked due to temporary capital dislocations or perceived complexity.

Kenny De Angelis

Owner / Principal

Kenny ensures his happiness by staying busy, and putting in old-fashioned hard work into chasing great deals. His love for real estate investment grew from the excitement he feels watching buildings transform from mounds of earth to a fully-actualized project.

He is motivated by the excitement of the hunt, learning from intelligent partners, and the reward of making good on his promise to deliver great returns to investors. His key areas of focus are:

Martin Sheinbein

Asset & Developments Manager

Martin Sheinbein is responsible for sourcing, evaluating and structuring investment opportunities for Valore Ventures.

Mr. Sheinbein began his career at BlackRock in New York City. He has also held positions at Mesa Lane Partners and Robert Douglas. Martin holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration with a concentration in Real Estate Finance. His key areas of focus are: